Expyram consultants support businesses in many industries: finance, healthcare, travel, entertainment, and more.  Please explore the links below for more information.  If the service you are looking for is not listed, please contact us for additional information. We offer free initial consultations to new clients, and we will perform them onsite for local businesses. Project Management
Our team of professionals have diversified their pursuits within the wide field of information technology, so each is uniquely qualified to meet the demands of technical resource management.  Moreover, their superior communication skills: teaching and technical writing, allow them to effectively represent new solutions to both end users and senior management, at every development phase from prototype to rollout.
Custom Software
The hallmark of a successful small business is a suite of applications that minimize the energy devoted to sales, production, support and administration.  When it's easy to do business, it's easy to do more business.  Expyram's software architects consistently design sophisticated applications that can run from multiple locations and integrate with your existing systems.
Have you started to notice that certain shortcuts you took to get your business underway are becoming more cumbersome as your production volume grows?  Our certified professionals apply the latest, low-cost technology to shave time off of every transaction.  Our technicians quickly deploy and upgrade networks, servers, and computers.  If your customers or employees are kept waiting by the technology you currently use, it's time for a free consultation.
Web Sites, Marketing, and Multimedia
An elegant website and striking marketing materials will connect you with more customers.  Update your logo, and start a unified marketing campaign to cultivate brand recognition and customer loyalty.  Connect with our staff of graphic artists, technical writers, and musicians: we could give your firm the makeover it needs to land that next big account. Web Sites and Multimedia
Automation hardware and software is most powerful and profitable when your employees look forward to working faster, more accurately, and more creatively.  This means teaching more than just the rote basics, but also sharing the vision and excitement that keeps modern firms competitive.  Our professional trainers teach in universities, public library programs, and in the private sector. Training

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