Critical Thinking Crucial Assistance Clear Communication Custom Solutions Our creative experts are ready to tackle your business challenges: on time, and on budget!  Our consultants are certified professionals with many years of experience in fields as diverse as the finance, healthcare, travel, and entertainment industries. We help businesses automate their workflow, to complete tasks more easily and less expensively. Expyram's consultants apply both innovative and proven methods to optimize your existing infrastructure. If you're ready to make the leap from small business to big business, contact us for a free consultation. Expyram delivers, whether your firm uses a handful of computers for small tasks, or employs a large network of devices and data. We provide comprehensive services: small business consulting, web design and SEO, software engineering, network upgrades, infrastructure administration, troubleshooting, repairs, and training. Every business challenge is an opportunity to bolster your bottom line. Our automation products include business computers, network servers, and our own custom software. Need a hard-to-find or custom solution? If it isn't already available, we can build it. Our services start at $80 per hour, with discounts available to regular clients. We offer free initial consultation to firms in Rhode Island and the RI area. Take advantage of our partnership with Microsoft and get the newest and best technology working for you today.

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