Expyram is eager to support your hardware purchases. We typically offer parts and labor warranties for one year from the day we deliver your equipment. To determine if your warranty is still in effect, begin by entering the information below: Lookup by Service Tag
The Service Tag is a 7-9 digit number usually affixed to the chassis of your PC, Monitor, or hardware item. If the item has no service tag, (for example, a stick of memory or keyboard) you can try searching by serial number lower on this page. Peripheral items, like mice and keyboards, are associated with the service tag of the PC they were sold with, if any, and usually carry the same warranty.
Lookup by Serial Number
The Serial number may be found anywhere on the product, and may be many characters long. It is not necessary to type characters in upper or lower case, and you may omit punctuation (like hyphens) and spaces (if any).
Product Knowledgebase
This area has answers to common questions regarding many Expyram hardware and software products.

Technical Support
Contact information for Expyram's technical staff, based on product.

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