Niécephore Suite
A fantastic automation solution for any size digital photography studio, Niécephore drastically reduces the cost and effort associated with managing and administrating your images. Imagine being able to retreive digital image files for events long past from any computer, anywhere!

This simple tool manages the organizations you service: schools, corporations, and other regular customers. You can create departments (like Freshmen or Sales Force), Categories (like Academics or Spiritual Events), and Activities (like Proms and Picnics), to reflect the events you shoot again and again. By creating a hierarchy for each client using Blueprint's simple drag and drop design, you make the other tools in the suite faster still.
Schedule events for all your organizations, yet manage your employees with ease. The distributor software is a powerful calendar that will keep you from scheduling yourself in two places at the same time! Every event you schedule is carefully integrated with the Organizations, Departments, and Activities that you create with Blueprint, making it possible to filter and print out a schedule for a particular employee or for a particular organization.

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