First Rate project management is the cornerstone of every successful implementation. When you empower our consultants to direct operations, sophisticated and intricate challenges are dominated by the world-class professionalism you'd expect from Fortune 500 firms. Collaboration is key to keeping the critical path on schedule. We leverage the best tools for keeping every member of the project team in the loop. Microsoft Project, SharePoint Services, Distribution lists, and productive meeting agendas prevent the ball from getting dropped. Expert Resources in major industries set Expyram apart from the rest. Our professionals have extensive experience in healthcare, finance, imaging, entertainment, and more. We take responsibility for educating the entire team as necessary to promote the success of the project. Vendor Analysis is our forte. Let Expyram compile your upcoming RFP, perform due diligence with vendors, calculate your ROI, and present our recommendations for the best in breed. Vendors will take an Expyram Request For Proposal seriously because each is prepared meticulously. Further, a well-planned RFP puts gives you a substantial advantage at the negotiating table with your selected vendor.

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