Expyram builds, delivers, and installs automation equipment at great prices. Although we can obtain or customize any piece of equipment available, these are our most popular product lines: Cupralith Business Computers
The Cupralith line features quiet computers with a small footprint. Just big enough to be a fantastic resource for your employees. Like everything we sell, the Cupalith line is completely customizable to your specification, but we have several standard loadouts pre-configured. Business Computers
Edalcamo Servers
Simplicity, Stability, Security, and Power are the cornerstones of the Edalcamo Server platform. These world-class machines, priced for your business, can drastically improve the way you manage your mission-critical files. Isn't it time to improve the reliability of your network? Servers
LCD Monitors
LCD Monitors are now at the same price point as CRT monitors from just a year ago. Bigger monitors mean more productive employees, and fewer complaints of headaches from eyestrain. Best of all, the newest models have the lowest power consumption, so they reduce your electric bill every month. LCD Monitors
Corinth Personal Computers
Telecommuting is easier than ever. The Corinth line is just one more reason to relax and work from home. Its powerful hardware makes it easy to run intensive productivity applications when it's time to work, and gorgeous movies and games when it's time to play.

Personal Computers
Networking Devices
As your network grows in size and complexity, a well designed backbone of switches, routers, and firewalls provide the security and reliability you demand for your business. Expyram configures, installs, and customizes these devices for the particular needs of each client.


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